We are pleased to announce the establishment of the N&G Abstract Awards. The new N&G awards recognizes young physicians for their work in two categories; Neonatology/Infancy and Obesity. This year, the awards are supported by an educational grant from the Nestlé Nutrition Institute for the best abstracts submitted to N&G 2017.

The award recipients, selected by the N&G scientific committee,  will be presented at the N&G 2017 conference in Amsterdam, during the Opening Ceremony on Thursday, March 2 2017 at 19:30. Each abstract will receive a €5,000 prize.

Join us in congratulating the winners:

The First 1,000 Days Best N&G Research Award

Neonatology/ Infancy

Summary of Abstract
A Randomized Clinical Trial: Infant Formula Composition Impacts Energy Balance

This randomized clinical trial demonstrated that compositional differences in infant formulas can impact weight gain patterns and energy balance in healthy term infants. Healthy infants randomized to extensive protein hydrolysate formula had less rapid weight gain than those randomized to cow milk formula over first year of life. Differences in energy intake and stool energy loss contributed to differential weight gain.

Jillian Trabulsi.pngDr. Jillian Trabulsi, USA 
Director of the Graduate Program in Human Nutrition, University of Delaware

An Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioral Health
and Nutrition, and the Director of the Graduate Program in Human Nutrition, at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware. She earned her Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences at The University of Wisconsin – Madison and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatric Nutrition and Growth at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her research interests center upon diet, nutritional status, growth, energy expenditure, and energy balance in infants and children who are healthy and in those with chronic disease. 

Julie Mennella.pngDr. Julie Mennella, USA
Professor at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia

Obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Behavioral Sciences at The University of Chicago in Chicago, IL. She joined the faculty at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, PA in 1990 where she is now a Member. Her major research interests include investigating the timing of sensitive periods in human flavor learning and growth; uncovering how children are living in different taste worlds than adults and their vulnerabilities to the current food environment as well as medication adherence; and the development of psychophysical tools to study individual variation in taste and flavor perception.

The Obesity N&G Research Award


Summary of Abstract
Eating Behaviour and Growth in Early Childhood

As many genetic polymorphisms associated with the development of obesity would be involved in the regulation of food intake. In the EDEN mother-child cohort, we examined the links between eating behavior and growth in 1,142 children up to age 5 years. We highlighted that high energy intake at 5 or 8 months and high appetite from 1 year were related to current and subsequent BMI.

Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain.pngDr. Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain, France
Research Scientist, INSERM, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Sorbonne

A background in nutrition and a PhD in public health, I have been studying how eating behavior develops in young children and is related to growth. I also develop projects on socio-cultural determinants of feeding practices in infancy. I am leading the nutrition part of the EDEN study and the national birth cohort ELFE.

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